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Hello World!

Hello World!

2 minutes read. Written 2 years ago

This is the first blog post of a serie of blog posts that I will try to do without any guarantees because 1) I don't like blogging very much 2) I don't have much to write anyway. I don't even know what to post and when to post, my blog won't have a category, nor a schedule I will just post whenever I feel like I want to write something for some reason.


My website is pretty new, but it's not the first attempt to have a personal website/blog/whatever. I had another website under another domain, it was built in 2010 and it was ugly as fuck buuuut it worked for a bit until I tried to experiment with Google ADS and I fucked it real bad 😁 After that experience I gave up on a personal website because well social media were the hot thing in town, so I hopped onto the bandwagon of that and oh boy it was a mistake. With the insight of today I can safely say that social media are a cancer to society; I hate them all! Even Twitter — which is the only one I use now primarily to troll and talk about Bitcoin (but trolling is the main thing). Social media drains your soul and your willpower makes you more toxic and less productive and also your personalized feed is not personalized at all, it's just tailored to exploit you emotionally and sell advertisements to you.
So through the years I became more privacy aware and I had to swallow some huge red pills about how the world, and internet, works so yes I started to use social media less and less eventually I've leveraged the power of GDPR to nuke my accounts completely resolving most of my problems and now I can say I live happily without Facebook, Google (gmail and search), Instagram, Snapchat, Reddit and whatever other social media you can think of aside from the mentioned Twitter but I keep the usage to a minimum probably I'll delete that too soner or later.


Writing is not my thing, you can clearly verify that by the quality of my posts 😂. I'll try to be consistent but this is not a blog, it's more like a diary for me. So expect confused posts, non linear posting, rants about anything and technical stuff.